We Grow Up Too, Just Like Little Tad

Book Name: Little Tad Grows Up, by Giuliano Ferri
Location: Read-aloud session at home, Caravan Village, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province
Date: March 2020

New Year is approaching and it’s time for cleaning and tidying the house. My little daughter was tidying her wardrobe when she came to me, devastated. Her favorite dress didn’t fit her anymore. “Why did I grow up? I wish I could stay small and wear this dress.”, she told me.

I always take advantage of any opportunity to indirectly teach new concepts and skills to my children. So, when I saw how upset she was, I looked inside our small library once again. This time, I came across the book Little Tad Grows Up. This book is suitable for children who are scared of growing up and cannot cope with changes. It helps them think about the positive aspects of growing up as well. I read-aloud the book to my children. They empathized with Little Tad. We talked about the advantages of growing up. That when we grow up, we can do things we weren’t able to do before.

After the read-aloud, we made Little Tad with pieces of paper. And my daughter gave her dress to her little sister, as a present.

Since my daughter loves baking bread, we made bread together. She was happy that she is now old enough to help me bake.

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