Ghargharuk Read with Me Library Is Now Open

A Read with Me library was established this February in a nomadic elementary school in Ghargharuk village, Zahedan. With Bahremand family as its patrons, this library, is now a safe shelter for children of this village. A library with more than 400 books in a village that lacked any cultural and entertainment center.

The Read with Me program has been implemented in this elementary school since 2019. The second year of program implementation in this school was coincided with the establishment of this child-centered library.

The school principal is a Read with Me ambassador. He tells of the impact of books in the lives of children in Ghargharuk:

“Books have made children show more enthusiasm about learning and studying.  They are so eager, that older children gather the younger ones around and hold read-aloud sessions all by themselves.”

The librarian is a 14-year-old girl. She cannot attend high school because her village doesn’t offer education beyond the elementary level for girls. But this has not stopped her as she is the first girl in her village who is now studying in a non-attending school. She dreams of becoming a great writer one day.

The school principal continues by saying that children used to think that the whole world was their village, or Zahedan at best. But now, through these books, their world has expanded. They are curious to know more about the wonders of the world.

Teachers at this elementary school have had a defining role in encouraging children to read. They regularly hold read-aloud sessions and follow-up activities in their classroom as well as the library.

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