An Activity of #Kamishibai Book of The Feathery Sparrow in Zahedan.
The nomadic children of #Zahedan had a taste to make the protagonist of the #book The Feathery Sparrow out of broken tiles and put it on the school wall.What is Kamishibai? Kamishibai or the #storytellingpictorial cards is a form of storytelling in 1930s in Japan. Kami in #Japanese language means “paper” and Shibai means “play.” The narrator placed the set of illustrations (12- 20) in a “miniature-stage device” and narrated the story by changing the images. The narrator traveled by bicycle while carrying the illustrated device and went village to village to tell the story to children.
In the past there was no verbal text behind the illustrations but now most of the Japanese and European publishers have decided to publish their pictorial stories in a form of Kamishibai. Today behind the illustrations the texts are narrated. The text of the first illustration exists in the last illustration. This procedures is continued till the story finishes. Today’s illustrations in Kamishibai are as big as the past without any details in order to be recognized, seen carefully by all the children, especially whom sitting or standing in the last row.

The illustrator uses the whole space to show his or her illustrations.Sometimes the illustrations are cut from the corners in order to let the child complete the illustration through his creative imagination.For instance, part of the cat #illustration such as his or her head or part of his or her body is illustrated and it seems that the other parts of his body have been secretly included in another illustration. The illustration is shown bigger and simpler in this type of technique.
It is necessary for children to participate in the pictorial storytelling. These cards are not similar to the television screen which get children remain quietly seated.
A good storyteller motivates children and ask them to participate in the story.

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 — in Zahedan.