Read with Me Activities During Coronavirus Outbreak, March 2020

Read with Me At Home

By the end of February 2020, schools and kindergartens in Iran were closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, disconnecting teachers and the students in the centers where the Read with Me project was implemented. Beside the schools and the kindergartens, libraries and child supportive centers were also closed. Staying far from school, kindergarten and other places where children spend their time and learn by different means, can affect negatively on children, on their developing skills and also on their mental condition. The problem is milder in families who can support quality time and education for their children at home, but children covered by Read with Me, are mostly children in deprived regions of the country, and are seriously vulnerable to such situations due to lack of literate parents or siblings at home who can provide a supportive environment for them during this time.

So since the very first moments, the Read with Me experts tried to find ways to reconnect to children during this time so they can reduce the trauma caused by the situation. The most important activities were via the social media concentrating on mothers, helping them to work with their children at home.

دانلود (PDF , Read-with-Me-at-Home-March-2020.pdf)

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