Letter from a Father

The Read with Me team received a letter from a father of two young members of Madar “Read with Me” Library in Jiroft.

The importance of families in reading promotion is one of the foundations of the Read with Me program. Quality children’s books can engage both children and their parents. By witnessing the effects of quality books on their children, parents can understand the importance of reading in the development of their children’s mental, emotional and social skills.

Below, you can read about how books influenced members of a family:

One of the activities of Read with Me ambassadors in Jiroft is to promote reading in different centers and read quality books to children. One of these ambassadors holds regular read-aloud sessions in a preschool. Fatemeh, a young preschooler, listens to the books enthusiastically and retells the stories to her mother every day.

Seeing the excitement of her daughter, the mother is curious to know where all of these stories are coming from. She calls the Read with Me ambassador and learns about Madar “Read with Me” Library in Jiroft and its activities.

Fatemeh and his older brother become members of the library. They visit the library every day and return home with a handful of books.

A while later, realizing the joy and excitement of his children, their father decides to write a letter to the Read with Me team. A letter that warms the hearts of all who contribute to the Read with Me program and encourages them to thrive:

“… I am grateful for your management, successful endeavor and hard work in implementing such a tremendous program.

Seeing the spark in my children’s eyes when reading quality books such as: Frog and the Stranger, The Red Bird, Arash the Archer (1,2), The Subway Mouse, The Island of Happiness, Kisses for Daddy and the Conference of the Birds, drove me to wish you health, prosperity and success in your future endeavors.”

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