Second place for South Khorasan in attracting preschool children

با من بخوان

Children making masks for book characters - Read with Me in South KhorasanSouth Khorasan province achieved the second place in attracting children to preschools in Iran in academic year of 2014/15. As mentioned by Mr. Ghaemi, Preschool supervisor in South Khorasan Education Office, this ranking is given upon the improvement of the coverage of deprived areas with educational facilities and it shows increasing of the number of children joining schools and preschools. He insisted on the important and effective role of Read with Me project in the growth of number of children in preschools in South Khorasan. “This project makes the teaching methods more attractive and it considerates children’s interests (Book reading, storytelling, Creative dramatic arts and handmade works) which has attracted children and their families to preschools and so it has increased the rate of children in preschools”, he says.

Read with Me project in South Khorasan is implemented by the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, by the cooperation of South Khorasan Education Office and financial support of Yavari Cultural Community. This project entered the third year of its activation in South Khorasan this year. By joining of Boshrouyeh town to this project now the number of regions covered by Read with Me in south Khorasan reaches to six.

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