Babies and toddlers’ book exhibition in Isfahan

با من بخوان

 Following the “Reading with babies and toddlers program” courses in Isfahan, 15-17 August 2015, an exhibition of handmade books, made by mothers for their children was held at the place of Isfahan Association of Friends of Children’s Books office.

This exhibition which was held in order to attract the attention of families to the importance of book reading for children in the first two years of their lives, was well received among mothers.

This exhibition consisted three parts:

  • A book exhibition of books about babies and toddlers for parents and books appropriate for babies and toddlers like cotton books, tablecloth books, cardboard books and etc
  • An exhibition of books made by mothers for their children in Haseh
  • Showing a movie about reading books with babies, toddlers and children

Also in this exhibition a primary workshop of “Reading with babies and toddlers” was held for visitors.

This summer “reading with babies and toddlers program” was implemented within the framework of Read with Me program by Isfahan Association of Friends of Children’s Books in Haseh, Isfahan. In this program mothers with babies, pregnant women and even young girls interested in the program take part in the educational sessions and recognize the importance and role of reading for babies and learn the right way of reading books with babies and toddlers.

Mothers who participate in this program receive babies and toddlers book bags by the support of some benefactors from Isfahan and they learn how to take the most advantage of the content of these bags in theses educational sessions and support the multi-dimensional growth of their children and let them understand the joy of reading.

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