Bob Graham, renowned Australian author and illustrator and Hans Christian Andersen Award 2012 nominee, who in Iran is often known as the author of “How to Heal a Broken Wing”, wrote a beautiful letter to the children of Gouriyeh Read with Me Library in Khuzestan province, after seeing pictures of their read-aloud session.

He has also made a little sketch of himself writing this letter to children.



Dear Children of Gouriyeh Read with Me Library,

I loved seeing a photo of you all reading “How to Heal a Broken Wing” together.

I also loved your beautiful paper birds.

Although I live so far away in Australia, to see you all in your library, well, it looks just like the school and the children just up the road from me.

So maybe we are not so distant at all!

You are all so young. Treat each other and all animals with respect and love.

The future is yours,

Bob Graham”

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