World Kamishibai Day 2020: celebrating at home

December 7th is World Kamishibai Day. The COVID19 pandemic has restricted children’s access to libraries. Even so, Read with Me promoters and Kamishibai enthusiasts across the world still celebrated this day and performed kamishibai for children.

Most promoters performed kamishibai in their homes or through online platforms. Some were able to arrange meetings in libraies or classrooms for small groups of children with proper social distancing.

Here’s a pictorial report of Read with Me promoters on World Kamishibai Day 2020:

Karevan Village – Qeshm Island – Hormozgan Province

Zeynab performed kamishibai for her own children at home and then shared the video on her reading promotion channel.

Dargahan – Qeshm Island – Hormozgan Province

Fereshteh, librarian of Navid-e Vahy Read with Me Library, performed kamishibai in front of her camera and then shared it with the library members. She then guided them regarding the follow-up activities.

Toula Village – Qeshm Island – Hormozgan Province

In addition to performing kamishibai for her son at home, Shima shared the video with other children and asked them to make sparrows with pieces of fruit.

Zabol – Sistan & Balouchestan Province

Fariba, a Read with Me ambassador visited her neighbors and performed kamishibai for these children who are big fans of her read-aloud sessions.

Neda-ye Mandegar Empowerment Center – Tehran

Manizheh and Setareh, two preschool tutors of this center, performed kamishibai for a small group of children with safety and health considerations. Then they asked children to draw clean air and pollution which was the subject of the kamishibai they’d performed.

Roja Read with Me Library – Koveyi Village – Qeshm Island – Hormozgan Province

After a long while, Roja librarians were able to open the library since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. So, they were able to celebrate this day with children in the library with health considerations.

Rijab  Read with Me Library – Rijab – Dalahou – Kermanshah Province

The librarians open this library once a week due to pandemic restrictions. Last week this day coincided with World Kamishibai Day. At the end of the day, children also borrowed 40 books.

Qeshm – Hormozgan Province

Romiseh is a creative Read with Me teacher. She used a kamishibai made by her sister and performed it for children of her relatives.

Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment Center – Tehran

Fatemeh, a preschool tutor performed kamishibai online and asked children to make sparrow puppets at home.

Zhaleyi Village – Sistan & Baluochestan Province

Mahboubeh performed kamishibai for children and encouraged them to retell the story afterwards. Then, they all started drawing together.

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