Geographical Location: Navid-e-Vahy Library, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan
Start Date:
May 2019
Iconish Company

Navid-e-Vahy Library started its activities with financial support from Iconish Company. Two rooms in a cultural complex have been allocated to this Read with Me library.

Teachers and promoters interested in enrolling in the program can also visit the library, borrow its quality books and read-aloud to children. 30 teachers can also borrow book displays, install them in their classrooms and put their books inside. This library has been equipped with more than 800 book titles (2000 copies). A number of books are for adults and the collection also includes an encyclopedia set for children and young adults.

Teachers, librararians, enthusiasts and promoters have participated in Read with Me workshops including An Introduction to Children’s Literature, Read-aloud Techniques and Child-centered Space. The first two workshops were held in May and September 2019 which had 150 participants. The Child-centered Space workshop, also held in May 2019, had more than 40 participants.

Navid-e-Vahy library is the second Read with Me library in Qeshm Island.

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