SiBiLak, Children’s Companion on First Day of School

On one of the first days of school, a Read with Me teacher in Bonjar, Sistan & Balouchestan province read-aloud a story to her first-grade students. The story was chosen from the Learning Phonological Awareness Skills story book which aims at improving children’s basic literacy skills. This book is part of a Basic Literacy Creative Education Package provided by the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature of Iran.

Below, you can read the teacher’s report of this experience:

“The first thing I did was to disinfect the floor and ask children to sit at a distance. Then I introduced SiBiLak, the main character of the story. Our SiBiLak wore a mask to encourage children to play with masks more often.

After the read-aloud, along with SiBiLak, we started imitating the sounds we heard around us. At first, children only heard and imitated the foreground sounds. But gradually, through my guidance, they started listening more attentively and detected more sounds. They even heard sounds coming from far outside the classroom!”

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