The children in Avay-e-Mandegar Empowerment Center welcome summer by Book Reading Sessions

با من بخوان

Children drawing book scenes - Read with Me in Ava-ye-Mandegar, Tehran - July 2016Read with Me Book Reading sessions are held in Avay‑e‑Mandegar Empowerment Center since July 2016. In this program six reading aloud tutors from the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, read books three times a week for 120 children in age groups of 7‑۹, ۱۰‑۱۲ and above 13 years old. In this summer course, each month a bag of quality books with book‑related activity packages are delivered to tutors by IRHCL and in every session after reading aloud the book, tutors try to engage children more with books by sharing follow‑up activities such as role‑playing, creative role‑playing, making masks, crafts and … and to increase the children’s enthusiasm for books. Based on this program twelve books are read aloud to children during summer and book related activities will be done.

A benefactor and Fund for Education & Empowerment of Working Children are the financial supporters of this summer course.

Avay‑e‑Mandegar Empowerment Center is located in Molavi Street, Tehran and it was established in order to change the children’s situation in the district. This center tries to help mothers, girls and women heading a household by developing literacy, education and improving their skills for occupations and also it tries to empower them with necessary social skills to encounter the problems in home and society.

Children taking part in book related activities - Read with Me in Ava-ye-Mandegar, Tehran - July 2016

This center joined Read with Me program first in summer 2014.

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