Geographical location: Kabul, Afghanistan

The capital city of Afghanistan has hosted events by “Read with Me” program. Teachers, librarians, writers and facilitators interested in book-reading activities for children participated in workshops held by “Read with Me” program in this city. In September 2019, Safoora Zavvaran, the representative of “Read with Me” program, travelled to Kabul for holding two workshops in three days on children’s literature and reading aloud and also child-centered libraries. Representatives from ten institutes and organizations related to children participated in these workshops, which resulted in a wider and more effective communication between promoters of book-reading in Iran and Afghanistan.

Participating in a forum with institutes and publishers of children’s books in Kabul was another part of Ms. Zavvaran’s travel who was representing the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in Iran, Ashianeh Institute as a representative of IBBY in Afghanistan, as well as publishing houses Koodakaneh, Gahvareh and Afghanistan Information Center in Kabul University. In this session, participating organizations were acquainted with each-others’ activities and discussed problems and challenges in promoting book-reading in Kabul and Afghanistan and presented suggestions for joint activities to overcome these challenges in the future.

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