Establishing a child-centered library in Mahmoudabad

با من بخوان


Child-centered library of Mahmoudabad was established by support of The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in the framework of Read with Me project.

This library, which was opened in June 2015 to serve the children of worker-families in brick kilns of Mahmoudabad, has two sections of preschool and primary school that holds different book-reading sessions and related activities.

In child-centerd library of RWM, in addition to providing enough quality books for these age groups, space design and arrangement have also been noticed. In these libraries some special shelves have been arranged for preschool children to facilitate their access to books, and they can also benefit from visual aspects of the library’s space. There are also some book-reading sessions planned to the read books with children, selected by the institute’s experts.

After equipping and programming the library, experts have held several workshops such as familiarization with children’s literature, reading aloud and plays for teachers and  librarians of this center to empower teachers in promoting book-reading and encouraging children to read. In library/book workshop, instructors became familiar with concept of library and types, child library and its goals, concept of librarian and duties of a children’s librarian, technical services and organizing the books, library space and arrangement and audiences’ characteristics. In these workshops, some teachers and librarians from Kousha street-children center attended as well.

In this summer program of the library of Mahmoudabad’s Cultural House, in addition to the children covered by this center, 66 children of seasonal workers of brick kilns from Torbat e Heydariyeh  will also participate in book-reading programs and related activities.

It is worth mentioning that the expenses of equipping and preparation of this child-centered library were covered by one of benefactors which her help is appreciated.

translated by Reza Rezazadeh

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