Learning Sound and Learning Alphabet workshop was held for tutors of working children

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Avavarzi kar

On February 24th 2015, Learning Sound and Learning Alphabet workshop was held for 21 tutors, 15 amongst them were tutors of working children in deprived areas. In this workshop tutors attended from Farahzad Iranian House, Shoush Kids House, Mahmood Abad Kids House (Pooyesh) and Khouhdasht region in Lorestan.

In the first part of the workshop which was devoted to Learning Sound package, after introducing the package and its aims, the trainers explained the important points of the package and the suggested method to use it. Sound definition and its types, recognition of Larynx and auditory system and their development and the inconsistency in children teaching methods were the subjects of this workshop.

Then other professional topics about sounds, the ways of talking to children, how to prepare children for reading, dialogue reading and some other methods were explained to tutors.

The last part of Learning Sound workshop was dedicated to rhythm where the tutors became familiar with rhythm in a simple and practical way and they learned how to sing the songs in rhythm for children and make the package interesting for them.

In the second part of the workshop, Learning Alphabet package was introduced, its aims and suggested methods to use it was explained to the tutors. Other professional topics were also discussed afterwards.

At the end the trainers responded to the tutors’ questions.

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