“Read with Me” at the charity center of Children with Down syndrome

با من بخوان

On 28 June ۲۰۱۵, the experts of Read with Me were presented at the charity center of children with Down syndrome to hold a one-day workshop in order to teach how to implement RWM Project to the teachers of this center. In the workshop which was held with the presence of 9 teachers- after getting familiar with the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature and the RWM Project – workshops with themes of introduction to children’s literature, introduction to quality books and their criteria and visual books’ features were held.

Subsequently, the teachers were introduced, theoretically and practically, to the methods and objectives of “reading aloud”, activities before and after it and approaches to share the “story elements” with children, so that they could utilize these skills and methods during their sessions and activities with children with Down syndrome. Additionally, the “Learning Sounds package” was introduced in order to improve the expression of children with Down syndrome.

During the workshop, practical and motion games were used so that the teachers would learn how to make reading aloud sessions more attractive and instructive for children.

translated by Reza Rezazadeh

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