The first workshop of “Read with Me” in the Child Foundation

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The days of mid-July 2015, for the trainers of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, ended with holding two-day workshop for the social workers and volunteers of the Child Foundation.

These workshops are part of the agreement between the Child Foundation and IRHCL, concerning implementing Read with Me project in Child Foundation. According to this agreement, IRHCL is obligated to provide a library with quality books for the children of this foundation in Rah Ahan area and to hold the educational RWM workshops for social workers and volunteers of that institute so that the teachers would be capable of holding reading aloud sessions.

On the first day of the workshop, the teachers were acquainted with criteria for quality books for children and methods of holding a book-reading session for children. Also in order to fulfill the request of Child Foundation to prepare child-centered libraries in Rah Ahan center of this foundation, a librarian workshop was held for the teachers of this center and teachers became familiar with methods of writing regulations for a child library, making index, classification and arranging books in a library.

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On the second day, the teachers experienced what they had learned on the first day in practical methods. The books of the library were indexed, classified and were placed in shelves. The teachers were also told to practice the reading aloud methods on its best form and present them in the next workshop, based on given instruction.

The book-reading sessions began from July 2015 on a monthly basis for 129 primary-school children of the Child Foundation; the same book after being read is given to children as a gift at the end of each session. This way, not only children can borrow quality books from the library but they can also own a quality book each month.

The Child Foundation which in Iran is registered as Children’s Welfare Charity Institute, began its work since 1995 with the motto “No talented student should be deprived of education due to poverty”. The institute has based its policy with emphasis on education and strives to preserve students’ human dignity, whilst not “nurturing needy people”, and to help them to build a bright future.

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