The second workshop of “Read with Me” was held in South Khorasan.

با من بخوان

The instructors of the project “Read with Me” in South Khorasan learnt to share the values of life and environment with children.

The second workshop for trainers and instructors of “Read with Me” in South Khorasan was held in the academic year of 2014/15. The experts of “Read with Me” project, in two separate trips, travelled to five areas of Ghaennat, Nehbandan, Darmian, Khusf and Birjand to hold workshops for the instructors of mentioned regions.



The forth workshop for instructors was held on February 25th. Ms. Maryam Akhgari and Ms. Mona Jamshidi the experts of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, held supplementary workshops for the instructors on subjects of Learning Sounds, Learning Alphabet, Elements of the Story and Environment.


On February 26th and 27th other workshops were held for preschool teachers and first-grade instructors of Birjand and Khusf including: Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabet II, recognition of the Rhythm and Scales of Poem, Elements of Story, Reading Aloud and Life Values (I & II). Workshops for Nehbandan and Darmian were held from 3rd to 6th March as well. The instructors of Nehbandan who, like the instructors of Ghaennat, are performing this project for the second year, participated in supplementary workshops of Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabet, Elements of Story and environment. Workshops as those of Khusf and Birjand were also hold for the trainers of Darmian.

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In these two trips, Ms. Mehri Safaei and Ms. Nehzat Ghoreyshi, experts and activists of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literatur, attended two conferences “What a should preschool instructor Know” and “Increasing instructors’ professional skills in Book-Reading”, held by Department of Education of South Khorasan for a group of preschool instructors, and presented “read with Me” project and its objectives.


Training and empowerment of instructors and introducing the principles of holding Reading Book sessions are the major pillars of “Read with Me” project. “Read with Me” project started by the efforts of the Institute for Research on the Literature History with support of International Bureau of Book for Younger Generation and Yavari Community in Nehbandan and Ghaennat in September 2013. In 2014, with cooperation of Department of Education, the preschool and first-grade instructors and teachers of Birjand, Darmian and Khusf also joined this project.

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