Read with Me Meeting in 29th Tehran Intl. Book Fair

با من بخوان

Read with Me Stand at 29th Tehran Intl. Book Fair - May 2016On 12 May, the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature (IRHCL) will hold a meeting in “Nation’s Conference Hall” in Tehran Book Fair on the subject of Read with Me project. In this meeting, where different news agencies will attend, RWM experts will introduce Read with Me project in different regions of Iran and they will answer the attendees’ questions.

Also Read with Me runs a stand beside IRHCL publishing house stand, 4-14 May 2016. At this stand, RWM experts represent the project to organizations, families and every one interested in joining the project by brochures and films.

People and institutions interested in knowing and joining Read with Me project can visit us at Stand No. 262, Hall 4A, Children & Adolescents Section in 29th Tehran Intl. Book Fair.

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