Let’s celebrate Elmer Day at home!

۲۳ May 2020 is Elmer Day. But this year we celebrate this day at home alongside our favorite children’s book character. As of previous years, Read with Me invites you to read-aloud Elmer books to children and celebrate this day with related activities.

Even though we don’t have the opportunity to gather around, we can still make our homes as colorful as always and share our activities on social media.

So, wear your most colorful clothes and join children from across the world as they celebrate their differences, accept others as they are and befriend each other. Together we can show that life, hope, empathy and love for humankind is much stronger than any sickness and isolation.

The Read with Me team will select and suggest suitable activities in the upcoming days. Stay tuned and share your activities and experiences with us on social media using these hashtags:

#Elmer #ElmerDay

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