Reading with Babies and Toddlers

One of the features of “Read with me” project is to read with babies and toddlers. There is a widespread belief in society, especially among deprived families, that considers newborns needless of anything except for feeding, putting to sleep and cleaning. If these families were aware that a two year old baby’s brain size becomes two times bigger than when they are born, then they would believe that babies and newborns would have the best and the greatest opportunity to learn from the environment and family in this period. Hence, Read with Me has dedicated parts of its activities to inform and empower parents, especially in more deprived and poor families, to read and talk to children since the birth, through the “Reading with Babies and Toddlers” program.

This program aims to train the mothers and volunteer caregivers to support the cognitive, language, and behavioral development of their babies through reading rhymes, verses, word games and colorful picture books for them every day.