The Second Jabbar Baghtcheban Award ceremony was held at the Second Read with Me Conference on 15 November 2018. It was awarded to 13 selected teachers and promoters of the Read with Me program who had been promoting reading and improving basic literacy in remote areas of the country.

Similar to the past, Azarestan Construction Co. financially supported this award.

The Second Jabbar Baghtcheban Award Winners

Fatemeh Ramesh is a teacher in nomadic schools of Bagjud and Hichan villages in Zahedan, Sistan and Balouchestan. She commutes in dirt roads to arrive at the schools and fill them with books and stories.

Azam Surgi is a highly motivated teacher in Birjand, South Khorasan. Her students never feel like they’re in school because they are living in a world full of joy, color, plays and performance.

Sorayya Jamal Zehi teaches at an elementary school in Iranshahr, Sistan and Balouchestan province. Using her trainings in the Read with Me workshops, she has turned her classroom into a literacy-rich environment. Books and plays have become part of her class activities. Her students wear masks of book characters and learn living skills through role playing.

Keyvan Nemati is an elementary school teacher in Saravan, SIstan and Balouchestan province. Through reading books and performing plays, he has made such an atmosphere that his students enter the classroom with love and joy. Nemati believes that children learn more and study willingly when education is mixed with entertainment.

Nurbibi Raeisi is a teacher in Nikshahr, Sistan and Balouchestan Province. Ever since she joined the Read with Me program, she knew that it was what her bilingual students needed. After two years of implementing the Read with Me program, all her students have mastered the alphabet which has been an unprecedented achievement.

Asieh Yusefi is a teacher at the Kusha Center of Tehran. Her boldest characteristic is respecting children and valuing their feelings. Yusefi believes that Read with Me changes children’s lives and gives them self-confidence and self-love.


Somayyeh Molaei teaches at an elementary school in Darmian, South Khorasan Province. She has a quiet and calm personality. But in working with children, she is energetic and creative. She nurtures their imagination and skills and becomes wings for them to fly.

Zahra Erfani teaches in Sirjan, Kerman province. She treats children with respect and love and seeks to find the interests of each student and encourage them to improve.

Maryam Nemati teaches at the Supportive Education Center of MahmoudAbad in Shahr-e Rey, Tehran Province. She visits the brick kilns of south Tehran with a bag full of books and believes that a love for books can transform children’s lives.

Akram Torshizi teaches at an elementary school in South Khorasan province. She has connected books to children’s lives so skillfully that children long for going to school and hearing her stories. Children come to school from nearby villages so that she reads them their favorite books.

Zarrineh Nosrati teaches a multi-grade class in Fanuj, Sistan and Balouchestan province. All of her student, in all grades, love to accompany her in making puppets, building stages, reading books and performing plays.

Mohammad Azarian teaches a multi-grade class in Bonjar, Sistan and Balouchestan province. A year into implementing the Read with Me program, his students became famous for being cheerful, creative and motivated. Now, his students are living with books.

Zahra Abbasi is an elementary school teacher in Birjand. Her students have changed through books and performing plays. Through reading quality books, her preschool students who couldn’t pronounce words easily before, can now read and speak fluently.