Geographical location: Village of Zelan, Javanrood county, Kermanshah province
Number of members: 400
Library manager: San’an Sediqi
Date of the beginning of activity: May 2020
Supporters: Read with Me Fan Club, Yaran-e Danesh o Mehr Association

“Read with Me” library is now available to all the children and adolescents in the village of Zelan in  Javanrood, Kermanshah province, in the west of Iran. Zelan has a population of 1500 people, nearly 400 of whom are children and adolescents. This village and the three rural districts nearby, did not have any recreational and educational spaces outside their schools. Now, they can use the “Read with Me” library in Zelan.

The library is established after much efforts by San’an Sediqi, one of the promoters of book-reading in Kermanshah province. Mr. Sediqi succeeded in his negotiations with the Education Office in acquiring a suitable piece of land to accommodate the shipping container library. Afterwards, with the cooperation of local organizations, the site was secured and prepared and the library was finally inaugurated in May 2020.

Mr. Sediqi and four other promoters of book-reading have been active in making the children of the region familiar with the joy of reading quality books by taking books from the library of Javanrood and holding reading aloud sessions. They themselves had participated in workshops held by one of the representatives of “Read with Me” program and learned about children’s literature and methods of reading aloud.

“Read with Me” library is now a well-known library in the region and teachers from different villages use its valuable resources in their classes.


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