Geographical location: Parandeh village, panjshir valley, Afghanistan
Start Date:
october 2019

Parandeh Library, in Panjshir Afghanistan, was proposed and set up by Mehdi Hosseini, who is  a volunteer of “Mother Mahboubeh Charity Organization”. This young man who had been away from his home for many years has retuned to do a good deed for the children of his homeland. The interest and enthusiasm of the children in Panjshir motivated him to set up and equip a library for the children and adolescents in Panjshir Valley, where no library existed before.

The Construction process began in 2019. with regional cooperation of the people and the students, library shelves were stacked with books ready to use by Mehr 2020.

Now, Parandeh Library with over 3000 books host to all book loving children and adolescent Afghans. The library is 284 square meters, has a large hall and four study rooms. “Mother Mahboubeh Charity Organization” was the principal financial contributor for the construction of the library, and other groups, domestic organizations in Afghanistan, foreign entities such as ‘Read with Me’ from Iran helped and assisted in providing facilities and equipping the library.

The ‘Read with Me’ program with the financial support of “Read with Me Fan Club” sent 1100 books and library sources to the Panjshir library in Afghanistan.  A lifelong dream of ‘Read with Me’ is to connect and communicate with Farsi speaking countries in order to share knowledge and experiences. we hope with Panjshir Library our dream will come true.

Before this occasion, in Shahrivar 2020, workshops such as “Introduction to Children’s Literature and Loud Reading”, “How to set up a Child- centered Library” was arranged and held by one of the ‘Read with Me’ teachers in Kabul. These workshops paved the way for cooperation and collaboration with those who are interested in books and children’s literature in Afghanistan.

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