Geographical Location: Karimeh Ahl-e Beit and 19th of Dey High School, Salafchegan, Qom province

Librarian: Ms. Mirzaei

Start Date: Autumn 2018 / June 2022

Supporter: Ms. Nasrin Rashtizadeh / Rashtizadeh Foundation

In Autumn 2018, with the support and resolution of Ms. Nasrin Rashtizadeh, daughter of Mr. Ali Rashtizadeh, Bahar Read with Me library was established in Baqer-ol-Olum High School in Qom. In memory of her father, Ms. Rashtizadeh was resolved to supply quality books and child-centered atmosphere for children and adolescents living near this library in Qom, believing in the education of children and the importance of making changes from childhood years. Mr. Ali Rashtizadeh, the founder of Rashtizadeh Carpeting in Qom, strongly believed in the education of children and had established an educational complex in this city years ago.

This library was equipped with more than 300 titles (600 volumes) of quality books along with reading handbooks and book-related activity sheets. Its setting was also designed based on standards of Read with Me child-centered libraries which are rich literacy and literature environments.

When schools were closed down as a result of the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the activities of Bahar library were also suspended. As a result, Rashizadeh Foundation managed to transfer the books and equipment in this library to a new library in Karimeh Ahl-e Beit and 19th of Dey High School in the city of Salafchegan.

Vista 3 Library started its activity in this school from June 2022.

Salafchegan is the center of Salafchegan County in Qom province. The city is located 35 kilometers to the west of Qom. Karimeh Ahl-e Beit and 19th of Dey High School is the only girls’ high school in this city and one of the most deprived schools in Qom province. A girls’ elementary school is located near this school, too. The school has five classes and the sixth class is held in the praying room. A Conex box in the school yard was meant for the sixth class but since it did not have any heating and cooling system, it was not convenient for holding classes on cold or warm days; therefore, the cabin was being used as a storeroom.

This cabin was repaired, painted and equipped by Rashtizadeh Foundation based on standards of Read with Me libraries. About 800 volumes of quality books in various subjects such as fiction, history, science, biography, poetry and entertainment along with handbooks and book-related activities and educational posters for age groups between 3 to 18 years has been sent for this library.

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