Khansar Children and Young Adults Library (Sadr-ol-Vaezin)

Geographical location: Isfahan, Khansar
Age-group: 0-16
Number of Children: 300
Start Date: Summer 2018
End Date:Still Running

Khansar Children and Young Adults Library (Sadr-ol-Vaezin) has been equipped in the framework of Read with Me Child-centered libraries and it represents a model for Read with Me libraries.

This library is sponsored by Azarestan Group and it has been established in the memory of Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Amini (1889-1952), known as “Sadr-ol-Vaezin” who was a literate person and a humanitarian in Khansar.

The library has different sections, each one designed based on different Read with Me approaches; these perspectives include reading aloud, reading with babies and toddlers and follow-up activities.

Sadr-ol-Vaezin Library has over 3000 volumes of quality books for children aged between 0 and 16 and also presents adult books about children and parenting.

Different Sections of Sadr-ol-Vaezin Library

Mother and Baby Room

In this library there is a room designed for mothers to read to their children since they are babies till they turn three. There are books for children of these ages and also adult books regarding “growth of children” and “reading to babies and toddlers”.

Reading Aloud Area

In this part of the library, reading aloud sessions for children of various ages take place. The wall of this area has been decorated with the painting of a child reading a book which is a piece by famous illustrator, Marit Törnqvist.

An area for Book Related Activities

This room is filled with different types of stationaries and what one needs for making crafts. Children can use them (whether freely or based on a routine considered by the librarian) before or after a book has been read to them.

Books’ Repository

The quality books of Sadr-ol-Vaezin Library, organized by color labels (based on children ages) so children can easily find proper books for their age, are stored in this area where children can freely access the books.

Parents of all children are welcome to visit the Library with them. There are also areas for mothers and fathers to read and spend time with their family in a library.

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