Geographical Location: The village of Garab, Tarhan District, Koohdasht, Lorestan Province

Librarian: Zahra Badri

Start Date: January 2022

Supporter: Dr. Taheri

In Autumn 2021, Ms. Shohreh Kooshki, one of the experienced reading promoters in Read with Me program in Lorestan province and the librarian in Read with Me library in Khorram-Abad, Lorestan, reported about children’s lack of access to cultural facilities such as quality books and child-centered libraries in Tarhan district, and suggested to Read with Me experts to establish a small library in the city of Garab in Hedayat Institute for the Intellectual Development in Tarhan (under the supervision of the Education Office) whose managers are interested in cooperation with the program.

Hedayat Institute is the only cultural center in Garab. The books in this institute were unfortunately low quality and inappropriate for children. The city has a population of 3000 people, and since it is a central city in the mountainous region of Tarhan, its library can service the people of the villages around it, too. This library is a room of around 15 square meters in Hedayat Institute.

In the last days of December 2021, nearly 900 volumes of quality books along with handbooks and book-related activity sheets were sent to this library. These book were added to shelves of the library after being categorized based on the principles of Read with Me child-centered libraries.

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