AshrafAbad Young Adult Library

Geographical Location: AshrafAbad Village, Shahr-e-Rey
Number of Members: 350
Start Date: December 2017
Supporter: Rakindej Co.

AshrafAbad Young Adult Library is located in a middle school and high school complex in AshrafAbad village. This library is the first Read with Me library specializing in the young adult age group. It consists of more than 620 quality books from which nearly 350 students studying at this school can benefit.

The first measures were taken in December 2017 but the library didn’t open until 15 January 2018. During this time, a number of students received backpacks full of books as representatives. They had a responsibility to lend and swap the books among their classmates.

A Read with Me expert visits the school weekly to hold Reading Aloud sessions and supervise its library’s activities. Students also assist the librarian by checking in returned books and monitoring the library circulation.

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