Geographical Location: Bahar Library, Bagher-ol-oloom highschool, Qom
Members: 60
Start Date: Autumn 2018
Supporter: Nasrin Rashtizadeh

In autumn 2018, Nasrin Rashtizadeh requested the establishment of a child-centered library in Bagher-ol-oloom highschool to the Read with Me team. Since then, Bahar Library has become an addition to the Read with Me family.
Nasrin Rashtizadeh financially supported the establishment of this library. She believes in the importance of making a change in childhood education and does so by making quality books accessible to the members of this library in memory of her father. Her father was himself a believer in children’s education and had built an education center in this city years ago.

This library is equipped with more than 600 books (300 titles) along with handbooks and activity sheets. Library space has also been designed based on Read with Me child-centered library standards and aims for a literacy-rich environment.

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