Geographical location: Sistan and Balochestan province, around Saravan, the village of Jahad-abad
Children age group: kindergarten and first grade of elementary school
Number of children under protection: 150
Date of the beginning: September 2018
The program is running currently.

Jahad-abad is a village in the suburbs of Saravan which has a population of 3500 people. Due to recurring draught periods, a lot of immigrants from neighboring countries have come to this region. There are many immigrant families whose children are deprived of the right to go to school due to legal, economic and cultural issues. In 2019, “Read with Me” program in collaboration with the education office of Saravan were able to set up a first grade class for 30 educationally deprived children in this region in order to teach them basic literacy through literature. In this year, the class which was designated for the education of these children was completely reconstructed and renovated. In this same year, pre-school classes were also set up for 80 children.

In the educational year of 2020, continuing this program became impossible mainly because there was no place to carry on the education. Afterwards, the Covid-19 pandemic obstructed the program.

In September 2021, though, the program restarted when of a class in Sakineh Elementary School, under the supervision of Ms. Somayyeh Soleymaninejad, one of the active teachers and “Read with Me” program ambassador in the region of Saravan, was allocated to the program. In this year, 30 children of 6 to 13 years of age who were deprived of education were trained by the use of child-centered creative teaching packages.

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