Geographical Location: Jiroft, Kerman Province
Librarians: Mozhdeh Palashi, Sahar Farzan and Hamideh Ra’eesi
Start Date: May 2019
Supporters: a number of benefactors

On 3-4 July, three libraries celebrated their opening ceremonies with the cooperation of authorities from Education Office and City Hall.

The idea behind Jiroft libraries was because of Mozhdeh Palashi, an active Read with Me teacher in Houkerd village. Through her creative book-related activities, she exuded joy and cheerfulness among the children of her village. Read with Me experts sent her a Book Backpack containing 40 books for Reading Aloud purposes. They encouraged her to hold Reading Aloud sessions for children other than her own students. She has been travelling to nearby villages, cities and districts to read to children as a Read with Me ambassador.

Her activities led to the formation of a group for reading promotion in Jiroft. Teachers and tutors from Jiroft and several nearby villages travelled to Houkerd. They borrowed Book Bags to hold Reading Aloud sessions for children in schools, mosques, districts, etc.

Following the opening ceremony, teachers and reading promoters participated in Read with Me workshops on child-centered libraries.

Jiroft libraries have been equipped with more than 1000 books and activity sheets along with Read with Me Library Design packages. Children’s needs, their interest levels and the accessibility of books have been considered in the library designs.

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