Geographical Location: Jiroft, Kerman Province
Age Group: Preschool and 1st grade of elementary school
Number of Children: 670
Number of Tutors: 30
Start Date: October 2017
In Progress

In October 2017, by Omran Azarestan Co.’s support, a number of schools in Jiroft were covered by “Read with Me”. Thirty educators of preschool and primary school are now under the supervision and guidance of Read with Me experts. They implement the program in their classes.

In the beginning, the Read with Me team of experts traveled to Kerman. They held the first round of workshops for 15 preschool and 15 primary school teachers.

These workshops included: Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills, Numeracy Skills, Dictionary of Riddles and Dramatic Arts. (Finger Puppetry and Mask Making).

For all schools covered by the program, Basic Literacy Creative Education packages were sent along with a cloth book display.

In December, Read with Me experts paid their first visit to the classrooms, evaluated the teachers, solved their problems, and guided them. The second round of workshops were held during this visit in December 2017. The topics included: Reading Aloud, Story Elements, Children’s Literature and Quality Books, Illustrations and Picture Books, Complementary Dictionary of Riddles, Role Playing and Body Expressions, Puppetry, Scenography as well as reviewing the past workshops to solve the problems of teachers.

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