Geographical Location: Molavi, Tehran
Number of Library Members: 430
Head Librarian: Mahtab Jenab
Start Date: 2019
Supporter: A Group of Benefactors (“Azar 80” group and “Mehr”)

After the request of the sponsors and the agreement of the principle of the school as well as the interest of the second grade teacher in taking on the role of the librarin, it was decided to have a Read with Me child-centered library in the school.

The second grade teacher who is an active and motivated librarian has attended the Read with Me’s “Read A-Loud” and “Children’s Literature” workshop.

The library is located in a 25 meter room in the school with more than 550 books (a total of nearly 1100 volumes of different books) and more than a hundred book guides and 200 activities related to them.

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