Geographical Location: Salakh Village, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province
Members: 366
Start Date: 2016
Supporters: –

In spring 2012, Salakh Mother, Child and Youth Library was established in Salakh Village by Children’s Book Council and equipped with 1000 book titles.  The library is located in an academic quarter, near 2 elementary schools. In addition to these two schools, two middle schools and a high school also benefit from this library’s services.

In 2015, Salakh Mother, Child and Youth Library requested the Read with Me team to hold read-aloud workshops for its librarians and tutors. This was the onset of a series of Read with Me workshops being held at this center. It eventually led to this library joining the Read with Me program and being equipped with quality books.

The impressive performance of Salakh Library in holding read-aloud sessions encouraged the Read with Me team to give the library a facelift. Accordingly, in February 2016, the Read with Me team designed a new child-centered space for the library.

Ever since then, the library started its activities with Read with Me experts as supervisors. With more than 350 members and 3000 books, it has been successful in attracting children to books and reading.

In addition to serving its permanent members, the library keeps contact with a number of education centers and preschools. The librarian makes educational plans for these centers based on Basic Literacy Creative Education packages which the tutors of these centers implement in their classrooms.

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