Sarpol-e Zahab

Geographical Location: Sarpol-e Zahab, Kermanshah Province
Number of Members:
Arezou Ahmadi
Start Date:
November 2017
Supportive Education Center of MahmoudAbad, benefactors


Experts and sponsors of the “Read with Me” program,  rushed into the earthquake-affected areas in Kermanshah with their book backpacks. They consider helping children in crisis as their responsibility. So they talked to the frightened children and calm down their minds and hearts. Zarde Village in Karand West was the first damaged area where “Read with Me” was implemented.

“Read with Me” was implemented in a 36-meter cabin in SarPol-e Zahab. It is one of the steps that the program has taken with the Supportive Education Center of MahmoudAbad, benefactors, Hoopa Publications, Iran’s Technical Publications, Dibaye Publications and the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, aimed at helping the children in SarPol-e Zahab.

The colleagues and promoters of “Read with Me” have tried to create and equip a child-centered library in this cabin. To provide a happy environment they have hung beautiful paintings on its walls.  The library, which is located among the masses of camps of the families of the earthquake-stricken areas, is a safe place for children who come from early morning until late nights to read books, play games, talk with one another and their educators. This environment has significantly calmed their disturbed minds. They also borrow books to bring a warm and humane atmosphere to their camps.

Within the framework of this program, hundreds of volumes of quality books have been sent to the region. So far, some of these books have been placed in the “Read with Me” library in SarPol-e Zahab. The other part is provided to the native volunteers as book backpacks to read them for children in the nearby villages. In addition, “Read with Me” experts have traveled to this area to train these local volunteers in Reading Aloud, performing book-related activities and managing libraries. “Read with Me” will continue its activity by sending more books, providing continuous and targeted training for people living in towns and villages around the city, and monitoring the program.

Further Extension of the Program

In the pursuit of implementing the “Read with Me” program in SarPol-e Zahab, and people’s warm reception, three other cabins joined the SarPol-e Zahab cabin library in the spring and summer of 2018. A workshop in May 2018 introduced the teachers to the features and functions of a child-centered library, rich literacy environment and simple technical library services.

By launching these libraries, the children covered by the “Read with Me” program can enjoy quality books throughout the year. The sustainability of the program in the region is also guaranteed.

The “Read with Me” child-centered libraries in SarPol-e Zahab include:

Zhivan: With the support of Fund for Education & Empowerment of Working Children

Dastak Olia: With the support of Kindness Friday

Pelican: With the support of Read with Me Fan Club

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