Geographical Location: Zahedan, Sistan and Balouchestan Province
Age-group: preschool and Elementary School
Number of Children: 2480
Start Date: Autumn 2015
In Progress

The “Read with Me” program has achieved a great deal in Zahedan and particularly the nomadic schools. This program has been welcomed by teachers and officials of the region due to its effective methods for bilingual children.

In the second year of implementation, “Read with Me” tried to ameliorate the achievements of the past year. Therefore, the focus was on strengthening the basic literacy of bilingual students using the new child-centered creative education methods, children’s literature and its various forms in order to develop reading skills, basic literacy and children’s interest in books and reading.

In 2017-2018, “Read with Me” continued its activity through covering 14 educators from nomadic schools, sending books and holding workshops. These skillful and motivated teachers are now running the program in their classrooms.

The “Read with Me” rural libraries in Zahedan

In 2017, a number of schools covered by “Read with Me” were equipped with small rural libraries with the help of teachers, locals and students. This allowed students and children to keep their connection with books in the summer and next year.

Students cleaned up the abandoned classrooms along with their teachers and designed them with the “Read with Me” library packages. These packages include cushions for sitting, shelves designed for showcasing book covers, book baskets, etc. During summertime, in the absence of teachers and school principal, the teens of these villages will take over the responsibility of these libraries. In addition to lending books to the children of the village, they also hold reading sessions. These teenage librarians participated in librarianship workshops specially designed for them. A group of these adolescent librarians is girls who are unable to study due to a lack of high school in the village and cultural conditions of the region.

The child-centered libraries in this region are:

Shahid Aali Elementary School, Radochahi Village

Shahid Majid Shahriari Elementary School, MohammadAbad Khormagi Village

Masoud AliMohammadi Elementary School, Zardchah Village

Ebrahim Shahuzehi Elementary School, Varou Village

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