Read with Me workshops in Cultural Heritage Organization

با من بخوان

Tutors learning the sequence of events in Story Elements workshop - Read with Me in Cultural Heritage Organization - Dec 2015On 20 November 2015 and in the occasion of The Week of Books and Book Reading, workshops of “Reading Aloud” and “Story Elements” were held for a group of parents, tutors and art students at the Cultural Heritage Organization Building in Jami Street. In these workshops which were held by the invitation of Cultural Heritage Organization, 19 trainees participated and recognized Read with Me project, Reading Aloud with children and its purposes and methods.

At the beginning of the workshop a double game of introduction was played in order to practice listening and knowing targeted kid games. Then for entering the Children’s books discussion, the trainees were asked to choose a book among quality books and low quality books which were brought to the workshop by the trainers and they explained the reason of their selection. Then by referring to their comments, trainers gave a definition of quality books and they discussed the main purpose of RWM project which is: “All Children Have the Right to Read Quality Books”. The interesting point was that for the first time all the trainees chose quality books in this workshop.

In the third part of the workshop the definition of literature and its objectives, Children’s literature, Illustrated and Picture Books, recreation of books and the difference between storytelling and book-reading were presented and the importance of emphasising on human values in books such as children rights, peace, culture and cultural heritage, environment and living skills were discussed.

In the practical part of the workshop, by reading aloud the book of “Elmer, the Patchwork Elephant” our trainers presented the “Story Elements” and “Sequence of Events” and then by reading aloud of “Rosie’s Walk‬‏” the trainees got to know the Picture book samples and how to read them aloud with children.

Afterwards some quality books were represented and some of them were read aloud. The workshop was terminated by answering the trainees’ questions.

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