The selected tutors of “Read with Me” project of South Khorasan, were appreciated in Tehran

با من بخوان

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Holding advanced workshops of children’s literature at the educational and recreational camp for selected tutors of South Khorasan.

Yavari Cultural Community  and the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, by holding an educational-recreational camp from 5 to 13 August 2015, hosted the selected teachers and tutors of South Khorasan who have joined Read with Me project since 2013 and were active in pre-school and first grade in five provinces of Ghaen, Nahbandan, Darmian, Khusf and Birjand in South Khorasan.

۷۰ teachers and tutors left for Tehran in two turns of three-day camp and each group participated in advanced educational workshops of Read‌ with‌ Me during their three-day stay. On the first day, workshops of environment, children’s literature and quality books, illustration of children’s book and teaching rhetoric technique and reading aloud were held for each group, and on the second day advanced reading aloud workshops were held. In this workshop, tutors together and in the presence of teachers managed to understand their own strength and weaknesses based on two and half years of practical experiences in classes. The purpose of holding these workshops was to encourage tutors and to improve their capability and confidence in order to a better performance of RWM project in the region.

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The tutors paid a visit to Milad tower, Kourosh Pardis complex, Abo Atash park, the modern and old Bazaar of Tajrish and some religious and pilgrimage places during their stay.

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RWM project in South Khorasan which is running by IRHCL and with the support of Yavari Cultural Community covered 800 pre-school children of Ghaen and Nahbandan provinces in the first year. In the second year this figure increased to over 2500 children in Birjand and Khusf provinces. During this period, 46 training workshops were held for 125 teachers and tutors by the experts of RWM and 15000 books and 110000 activity sheets in connection with books, have been put at children’s disposal. Furthermore, last summer, 21 rural libraries equipped with 2840 books and librarian trainings were created in covered regions.

translation by: Reza Rezazadeh

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