“Read With Me” training workshops for volunteers in Isfahan

با من بخوان

In May 2015 a five-session workshop was held at the office of Association of children and adolescence literature lovers to train volunteers to assist the “Read With Me” project in Isfahan.

In this coarse thirty volunteers were involved from Association of children and adolescence literature lovers, Environmentalists (nature’s friends) society, Sarmad Charity (Protection of working and street children), Golhaye Yase Fatemeh Charity. Objective and plans of “Read With Me” project were explained and sessions were held on these subjects: “How to hold an attractive and effective book reading session”, “Elements of a Story” and “Learning Sounds” & “Learning Alphabet” training.

Among the participants, Sarmad Charity members started reading book sessions for about 16 working and street children in the middle of the course and it has been planned to continue the project for these children in two different age groups.

At the end it was suggested that each volunteer form a group to do the reading book activities. Next session will be held on June 9th for all the volunteers who has performed the “Read With Me” project even for a child.

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