The first visit of “Read With Me” experts from the project progress in Kouhdasht

با من بخوان

On May 2-4, 2015, “Read With Me” experts visited the project implementation in the schools of Kouhdasht, Lorestan. In these two days 11 tutors in 10 urban schools and one rural school were visited by the experts where a total of 772 students are covered by “Read With Me” project.


Also on May 3rd, the “Read With Me” workshop were held for teachers and tutors in Farabi Research Center. In this workshop the experts taught Reading Aloud, The elements of the Story and learning sounds and learning alphabet packages by showing movies, slides, games and practical work.

In Read Aloud part two books were read as sample. Plot and sequence of events of two other books were investigated in The Elements of the Story part. At the end the necessity of documentation, the methods for filling out the forms and preparation of proper photos and movies from “Read With Me” activities were explained to teachers and tutors.

“Read With Me” activities were explained and it was suggested to hold sessions in summer for new members and interested people by experienced tutors in order to present the “Read With Me” project so that more students would be under the cover of the project with better quality in coming year.

After the negotiations between “Read With Me” responsible in Kouhdasht and Kouhdasht Department of Education in December 2014 a circular was delivered to schools to introduce the “Read With Me” project, in which many schools showed interest.


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