An introduction to Read with Me project in Reading Summer School

با من بخوان

Nehzat GhoreyshiNejad in Reading Summer School in Mashhad - Sep 2016Librarians from public libraries around the country participated in Reading Summer School in Mashhad and in one of the sessions they got to know Read with Me project.

This session was held on Tuesday, 06 September 2016, in the third Reading Summer School in Misagh Hotel in Mashhad with the participation of 60 librarians from public libraries in different parts of Iran. Nehzat GhoreyshiNejad, represented the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in this session and gave her speech on Book Promotion project of Read with Me, its principles, Book Reading, Basic Literacy, Reading with Babies and Toddlers Program, running a book reading session and how to join the project and she also mentioned some successful experiences from this project. She insisted on the need for supporting this project by educational institutions.

Nehzat GhoreyshiNejad in Reading Summer School in Mashhad - Sep 2016“This project is designed upon this belief that children can be vaccinated against social harms by reading books. Since their pure soul cannot comprehend the complexities of life, books give them a comprehension from the society which protects them against social harms”, said GhoreyshiNejad, the chairwoman of the board of the directors of the Association of children and adolescence literature lovers, “Different methods are used for book promotion and Read with Me has chosen Reading Aloud as its plan. this method teaches segmental and suprasegmental in speech chain and indirectly expands children’s vocabulary knowledge which helps them in learning their other lessons.”

Reading Summer School is a part of National Reading Plan which has been held since last year by the department of Planning, Research and Information Technology of Iran Public Libraries Institution in order to enrich the libraries and train enthusiastic librarians to paly their role as book promoters in the society. The first and second course of this school were held in September 2015 in Mashhad.

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