A message from Katherine Paterson for Read with Me

Katherine Paterson, the world renowned author, best known for children and young adults’ novels such as “Bridge to Terabithia”, “The Great Gilly Hopkins”, “Jacob Have I Loved” and “The Master Puppeteer” has sent a short message to teachers and librarians in Read with Me project. In this message, in the occasion of International Day of Peace and the starting of school year, Katherine Paterson, the winner of Hans Christian Andersen and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, has stated her support of this project, its trainers, teachers and librarians.

Here is this message:

Dear Read With Me Teachers  and Librarians:

There is nothing more wonderful than a person who gives his or her life to the nurture of children.‎ As part of Read with Me, you are the courageous persons who are helping children in remote and less privileged areas to know that their minds and spirits—indeed, their lives are of infinite value.‎ Children who know they are valued are able to value others, however different from themselves.‎ When we value other lives, we treat them with respect and compassion.‎ This is how peace is created.‎   I hope you realize that you are not only teaching reading and writing you are peacemakers in our troubled world.‎

Thank you.‎

Katherine Paterson

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