A message from Patricia Aldana for Read with Me

September 2018

Dear Friends,

Though we live so far apart, you in Iran and me in Canada, we both care very much about what happens to children and young people in our societies—especially those who suffer from poverty, isolation or mistreatment of any kind.‎

It seems to me that what you are doing is some of the best work in the world helping children.‎  You are giving them a chance to live full, rich lives in which they can make choices and themselves work to help others.‎  There is no greater gift to a child than becoming a reader who loves books and is lucky enough to be given the very best books.‎  And that is what you are doing.‎  And doing so well.‎

I wish so much I could come and see you where you live and to learn from you.‎  Sadly, the world is so difficult right now it isn’t possible this year.‎  But I hope so much that it will be some day.‎

Meanwhile maybe this power point about IBBY’s work around the world with children in crisis might make you see that you are part of a world-wide community who cares about children as we do.‎  And you should know that your work serves as an example to them.‎

Best wishes,

Patricia Aldana

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