Rouzbahan Child-centered Library, an Addition to the Read with Me Family

Rouzbahan Child-centered Library started its activities in May 2019 in a village in Kalaleh, Golestan Province. This small library has been equipped and designed with the standards of a Read with Me child-centered library. The library will welcome children and young adults throughout this summer.

Mallay Sheikh Gharavi village is located 30km from Gonbad-e-Kavus. In March 2019, Read with Me trainers and experts visited the region through the project supporter’s invitation. They visited two Elementary school from two different villages and eventually chose the one in Mallay Sheikh Gharavi to establish a library in.

Mallay Sheikh Gharavi has a population of more than 1600 inhabitants with about 240 students studying in its elementary school. This school has allocated a room to the Read with Me project. By establishing a library and training a librarian, the students at this school can benefit from the quality books and environment of Rouzbahan Child-centered Library.

Moreover, in May 2019, a number of workshops on Children’s Literature and Quality Books, Story Elements, Children’s Books Illustrations, Reading Aloud Techniques, Dramatic Arts and Organizing Reading Sessions were held. In addition to the teachers at Mallay Sheikh Gharavi Elementary School, a number of teachers and volunteers from other schools and villages participated.

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