Mobile Puppet and Toy Museum Visits Azarestan Factory

Azarestan Construction Co.’s factory, had a special event planned last Friday. It was unlike any other Friday the factory had ever seen because the Mobile Puppet and Toy Museum team came to the factory. Puppets, children, worker’s families and employees had all gathered around to build beautiful memories.

The Mobile Puppet and Toy Museum presents its collection to people who do not visit museums as it is not part of their cultural activities. The Mobile Museum team believes that in order to appeal to such people, they could take the museum to them.

Therefore, on 21 June, about 50 children accompanied by their parents participated in the program designed by the museum. In the beginning, Mobarak, a traditional Iranian puppet, put on a show. Then, participants learned about the history and stories of Iranian toys and their functions along with traditional games that children played in the past. Following this, children played a game called “String and Button”, built a “Nokhodi” doll and played with it.

In the end, “Takam-chi”, a person who plays an effigy of a goat, came to the factory, singing traditional songs to children’s delight.

On this day, in the factory library, an exhibition was held of the book-related activities, arts and crafts of children of the factory workers. The exhibition was open for children and parents to visit.

Azarestan Construction Co. is located in Tehran-Qom freeway. Since autumn 2014, the Institute for Research on Children’s History of Literature, has been implementing the Read with Me program for the factory workers’ families. It has been one of the most different experiences of Read with Me where families have directly been engaged in the Reading programs. This factory has been equipped by a library with quality books for children, young adults and parents. All workers can visit the library and borrow the books their children need with the guidance of librarians and experts. The Read with Me program, along with the supports of Azarestan Construction Co. directors, hopes to promote reading among these families by holding different cultural events.

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