Ameneh Nursery

Geographical Location: Ameneh Nursery, Valiasr Street, Tehran
Number of Members: Variable
Librarian: Azadeh Sadeghi
Start Date: March 2018
Supporter: a number of benefactors

In March 2018, after observing the significant effect of children’s developmental and emotional skills, and with ongoing follow-ups of the “Read with Me” experts, the Ameneh Nursery officials allocated one of the best rooms in this building in the section called “The World of Angels” to set up a child-centered library. This library is suitable for children over the age of 2.

By replacing the previous low quality images on the walls with pictures of the Little Rabbit (which, according to the educator, is one of the children’s favorites) and child-centered adjustments, the Read with Me executive team, made the library a suitable place for children.

To enrich the book collection of this center, while launching the library, more than 100 books for the library, 40 books for the infant section and 90 books for the toddlers section were sent to the nursery. Books sent to the infants and toddlers’ section of Ameneh Nursery will be placed in the shelves based on children’s needs. And the books are always accessible to them. In the infants section, there are usually 60 babies aged 0-12 months that have reading sessions four times a week. In the toddlers section, there are an average of 20 children aged 12 to 24 months in two rooms.

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