Geographical Location: Bazoft, Kouhrang, Chaharrmahal and Bakhtiari Province
Number of Tutors: 26
Start Date: October 2017
In Progress

Bazoft is one of the nomadic and deprived areas of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. In its central region, 15 schools were covered by the “Read with Me” program.

In 2017-2018, the “Read with Me” program started its activities in Bazoft with the financial support of Ms. Kharman Kasraeian. Within the framework of this program, 15 schools were covered. Also, a room was temporarily allocated to the program as a library at the Education Office.

Part of the budget intended for books in this project was spent on the purchase and delivery of library resources, including 175 titles (350 volumes) for children aged 0-16, adult books and more than 200 copies of handbooks and activity sheets. 26 book bags including 14 multi-level book bags, 6 book bags suitable for the second and third grades and 6 book bags suitable for fourth to sixth grades were granted to this library. These book bags contain over 500 books, 150 handbooks and 600 activity sheets.

In this regard, the Learning Numeracy and Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills workshops were held in November 2017 and Reading Aloud Techniques, Quality Books and Illustrations workshops were held in December 2017 for teachers. Bazoft librarians also participated in the Library Design workshop in Isfahan in December 2017.

After receiving the necessary training in the “Read with Me” workshops, these teachers took the book bags into their classrooms. By hanging the book bags on classroom walls in the form of book displays, they made the books completely accessible to their students and turned their classrooms into small libraries.

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