Geographical Location: Adab Highschool and Sarallah Elementary School, Qom Province
Members: 180
Start Date: October 2019
Supporter: Erami Carpet

Arezou Read with Me Library is one of the well-received active libraries in Qom. According to school teachers and principals, the library has brought color and light to their school. It has reconciled students with the world of books. This library has been equipped with more than 650 books (300 titles) and designed based on child and young adult needs.

Arezou Library’s active librarian who has been able to connect well with children of both school shifts has been an asset to the program.  Read-aloud sessions, dramatic arts, drawing and making handicrafts are among the activities of this library.

In one school shift, the students are girls with special needs. The library holds read-aloud sessions along with follo-up activities to improve their physical skills and self-esteem.

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