Geographical Location: Danesh-va-Mehr Library, Niayesh Elementary School, Nasimshahr, Tehran
Start Date:
January 2019
Supporter: Keep Children in School Foundation (KCIS)

In December 2018, Niayesh and Raja’i Elementary Schools joined the Read with Me program with financial support from KCIS. These schools have more than 1000 students.

Read-aloud, basic literacy creative education and dramatic arts workshops were held for 40 teachers of these schools as well as a nearby school for children with special needs. Each teacher received a read-aloud and a basic literacy book package.

In January 2019, Danesh-va-Mehr library was established in this complex with more than 800 quality books. It contains corners for geography, science, phonological and phonemic awareness and read-aloud activities.

The librarian has participated in read-aloud, children’s literature and librarianship workshops held by Read with Me experts.

In May 2019, two read-aloud workshops were held for 60 elementary school student mothers in Nasimshahr. These mothers can assist librarians as well as borrow quality books from the library to read to their children.

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