Geographical Location: Ammar Library, ZarAbad, Konarak, Sistan and Balouchestan
Start Date:

Following the implementation of the Read with Me program in the academic year 2016-17, Ammar Library was established in Ammar Elementary School. This library ensured the sustainability of the program and that children have access to quality books all year long.

This library has 847 books and about 300 members. Most members are students, however, a number of young adults above 20 years of age visit as well. Two schools are currently using the library and are seeking to attract middle schools and high schools.

The library is designed based on the book “I Ran and Ran”. In addition to that, due to a shortage of bookshelves, recyclable fruit baskets have been used to put books in.

Read with Me experts have held a number of workshops in this library to introduce teachers to concepts such as read-aloud techniques and quality books. The librarian states that teachers have had the responsibility of holding weekly read-aloud sessions and activities.

In February 2020, after the flooding in SIstan and Balouchestan province, Read with Me experts visited this library.

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